These perennial, versatile plants feel equally at home on the rockery as well as in the border where they can suppress weeds
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Phlox Creeping Collection of 5, 10, 20 or 30 Plants from £4.99



  • Cand provide excellent ground cover
  • Will flower annually from June to September
  • Well known for producing masses of dainty blooms all summer long
  • Suitable for planting underneath trees, shrubs and tall perennials and for covering awkward slopes and banks
  • Versatile
  • At maturity expect a height of 15cm (6”) and spread 50cm (20”)
  • Each collection will contain a mix of different colours
  • Supplied as plug plants, for best garden performance pot on and grow for a few weeks before planting into final position
  • Full planting and aftercare instructions will be supplied with every order


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