Get rid of those pesty pesks with these Mosquito-Repellent Bundles
Choose from bands only bundle or 2 bands, bracelet and net curtain bundle
Alternately choose from 3 bands, bracelet and lamp bundle 
Or 4 bands, bracelet and lamp bundle
Mosquite repellent bands feature a fully adjustable strap 

Repellent effect lasts for 240 hours and can be sealed and reused within those hours

Repellent bracelets feature a stylish, stacked band and gold coloured pendant design 

Made with lavender, citronella and wormwood and lasts up to 2 months

The Magnetic Mesh Mosquito Curtain is quick and easy to assemble 

Simply attach to your doorway – no tools required thanks to magnet design

Electronic USB Mosquito Killer Lamp sucks mosquitos into the lamp 
Please see Full Details for full specifications

Buying Options: 

2.99 pounds instead of 19.99 pounds for the bands only – save 85% 
7.99 pounds instead of 59.97 pounds for 2 bands, braceclet and net curtain – save 87% 
9.99 pounds instead of 69.97 pounds for 3 bands, bracelet and lamp – save 86% 
13.99 pounds instead of 89.96 pounds for 4 bands, bracelet, net and lamp – save 84%


Keep bites at bay with these Mosquito-Repellent Bundles from just £2.99 – save up to 87% (from Go Groopie)



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