Three-Function High-Pressure Shower Head from £7.99 from Groupon (Save up to 87%)

This water-saving shower head features energy balls, which are designed to increase cell vitality and make skin healthier



  • Material: PC
  • Model adjustable
  • Easy to use and set-up
  • May effectively remove the residual chlorine in the water
  • Launch anion, well absorbing of the body can regulate nerve centre, improve lung ventilation function, promote metabolism or reduce fatigue
  • The energy balls in the shower head can increase cell vitality and make skin healthier
  • Change the balls once a month
  • Colours available: white or blue
  • Approximate length: 24cm/9.45”
  • Group-hole design
  • Strong hydrodynamic massage
  • 40% water-saving
  • 300% turbocharger technology
  • Can be used with almost all UK shower products
  • Three-filter function
  • Rainfall mode to adjust the water flow like raindrops
  • Jetting mode to clear forest in the middle
  • Massage mode for those who want to relax in a private home spa
  • Set contents: one shower head with filter beads