Featuring provitamin B5 and glycerin, these patches are infused with gold and aim to reduce the signs of fatigue
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Collagen Gold Under-Eye Patches from £4



  • Aims to illuminate and smooth the under eye area
  • Aims to depuff the under eye area
    * Aims to nourish and moisturise
  • Three active ingredients
  • Infused with gold
    * Provitamin B5 aims to retain and preserve moisture
  • Glycerin mimics the skin’s natural moisturising factor; suitable for all skin types
  • Apply each pad to the underside of each eye; leave for 10-15 minutes; remove and gently massage in any residue
  • Do not re-use the pads
  • Use weekly
  • One pack contains 10 patches
  • Available options: 10 patches, 20 patches, 30 patches


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