Replace annoying bras with the effortless Breast Lifting Tape
Enhance your natural figure without the need for uncomfortable bras
Protects your skin from irritation when you feel like rocking the natural look
Skin-friendly and latex free so you can keep it on all day
Secures firmly with a gentle adhesive – no need for glue
Feels comfortable and looks natural 
Great for when you want to hide bra straps or give the illusion of wearing no bra at all
Simply cut to size then stick into place.
Choose from 5 pack options: 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50

Buying Options:

5.99 pounds instead of 19.99 pounds for the 10 Pack of Breast Lifting Tape – save 70%
7.99 pounds instead of 39.98 pounds for the 20 Pack of Breast Lifting Tape – save 80%
11.99 pounds instead of 59.97 pounds for the 30 Pack of Breast Lifting Tape – save 80%
14.99 pounds instead of 79.96 pounds for the 40 Pack of Breast Lifting Tape – save 81%
17.99 pounds instead of 99.95 pounds for the 50 Pack of Breast Lifting Tape – save 82%


Embrace the natural look while saving up to 82% on the Breast Lifting Tape – get yours in time for summer from only £5.99 (from Go Groopie)



  • The deal: Breast Lifting Tape – 5 Options (DML Solutions)
  • Deal price: £5.99
  • Store price: £19.99