Apachie Beat Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Portable Charging Dock from £34.99 from Groupon (Save up to 50%)

Featuring stereo quality sound and a portable charger case, these wireless earphones can provide up to four hours of playtime



  • Designed to provide clear and powerful sound
  • Engineered to stay in place and comfortable
  • Wireless
  • Hands-free
  • Long battery life: up to four hours of continuous talk time as well as four hours of continuous music at a time or 48 hours of standby time
  • Battery inside the case: polymer lithium-ion battery (dimensions: 7.6mm thickness x 20mm width x 30mm length)
  • Battery inside the earphone: round polymer lithium-ion battery (dimensions: 10.5mm diameter x 11mm length)
  • Stereo quality sound with noise isolation
  • Easy pairing and multi-functional: Plays and pauses music and accept incoming calls with 
  • Contains a single multi-function button 
  • Wireless Bluetooth range: 10m
  • Earphone dimensions: 53mm x 28.8mm x 18mm
  • Charge case dimensions: 54.5mm x 40mm x 72.5mm